Toen Christenen en Islamieten uitwisselden

Christen & Moslim vieren samen StPatricksday

gastauteur : bijdrage van een jongeman uit Engeland. Let vooral op de prachtige inleiding over een Christen en een Moslim die samen een dansje doen op StPatricks day. Na deze inleiding volgt een historische schets over de geschiedenis van 'toenadering' tussen beide religies.


(niet in het Nederlands)

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A famous story tells of Umar arriving in Jerusalem walking beside his camel upon which his servant was sitting. `Umar was given the key to the city by the Patriarch of Jerusalem, Sophronius, and was invited to pray at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Historically, The reason behind this welcoming reception from Sophronius was that -according to the biblical prophecies known to the Christian church in Jerusalem at that time- he learned of a time when a poor -but just and powerful- man will come riding a donkey (because of his extremely austere lifestyle) along with his right hand after a prolonged battle in Jerusalem (this description perfectly matched the image of `Umar at the time of his arrival) and will actually prove to be a protector and an ally to the Christians of Jerusalem. In agreement with these prophecies, Umar -out of respect to the Christians of Jerusalem- chose to pray some distance from the Church, so as not to endanger its status as a Christian temple.



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